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Week 4 Lessons – Communication
Hey there. We’re halfway through this accelerated training! Hopefully you’re feeling more comfortable using Google tools and better prepared to become a Google Certified Educator. We’re moving on to another 21st Century “C” this week – communication. The way you communicate with students, parents, and our fellow colleagues is continually changing. Explore some of the tips below to help you work with your school community.

1: Organize and Search Gmail to Save Time
2: Use Hangouts for Real-time Student Communication
3: Use Google Groups to Build Better Class Communication

Total Time: 54 minutes

Advanced Examples
Now that you’re familiar with how Google tools can help you better communicate with parents, students and your overall school community, check out these more advanced use-cases to expand your learning even further.

Advanced Examples (optional):
1. Bring in guest speakers from across the globe using Google Hangouts –  instructions here
2. Set up canned responses in Gmail to save time – instructions here
3. Create Hangouts for meetings via Google Calendar invites – instructions here

Certification Exam Prep
Sample Multiple Choice Question
Ms Wrangler holds drop-in sessions with her students during her free period to answer questions and provide extra learning support. How can she use Google tools to make it easier for her students to talk to her during these drop-in sessions?A. Use instant messaging in Hangouts to respond to simple questions that don’t require an in-person discussion
B. Hang a printed sign-up sheet outside her room so students can book a session with her
C. Schedule appointment blocks in calendar that have to be signed up for a week ahead of time
D. Ask another teacher to provide extra support if she is visited by too many students
E. Schedule a fixed Hangout meeting with her students so they don’t need to physically come to her officeSample Scenario Question
Task 1: Open Gmail and search for an email from Jaime Martinez (a parent of one of your students) with the subject “Field Trip Volunteers”.
Task 2: Create and add 2 labels to this email: “Parents” and “Field Trips”
Task 3: Invite your colleague Mrs. Duong ( to a Google Hangout and send her a message that says “Do you have 5 minutes to chat about the field trip?”
Task 4: Add another colleague Mr. Costas ( to this hangout.

The multiple choice answers are A and E.