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Week 5 Lessons – Digital Citizenship
If you give a student the web… the learning possibilities are endless. But as students are spending more and more time on the internet, it’s more important than ever to help them grow into responsible global citizens — both online and offline. The lessons are a bit longer this week, but include tips on how you can harness the power of the web to help your students stay safe online and get the most out of the web for learning.

1: Create Safe, Responsible Digital Citizens
2: Teach Students About Internet Safety and Privacy
3: Use Chrome to Explore the Web with Your Class

And remember, while it isn’t covered in the exam, we have a whole course on teaching Digital Citizenship and Safety here.

Total Time: 70 minutes

Advanced Examples
Now that you’re familiar with how Google tools can help your students become better digital citizens, check out these more advanced use-cases to expand your learning even further.

Advanced Examples (optional):
1. Utilise “A Google a Day” as a starter or plenary activity to develop efficient and accurate search engine use. Questions vary daily and hints are available for differentiation.
2. Review the Applied Digital Skills curriculum aimed at teaching students practical problem solving skills with digital tools.

Certification Exam Prep
Sample Multiple Choice Question
Ms. Oluwole needs her students to take home a mandatory parental consent form that contains specific details for a field trip, and some of the parents do not speak English. How can she use Google tools to help overcome this issue?A. Search Google Trends for historical consent form templates in non-English languages
B. Install Google Translate from the Chrome Web Store to translate the form into other languages
C. Connect with schools in other countries to share files in other languages
D. Place a request for a translator on Google+Sample Scenario Question
Your Head Teacher has asked you to produce a presentation for parents explaining why the school is promoting physical fitness. You need to source some research online.

Task 1: In Drive, open the doc “Physical Exercise Research”.
Task 2: Use the Chrome omnibox to search for an Encyclopedia Brittanica page on “Exercise”.
Task 3: Copy and paste a paragraph of text from the page into your research document.
Task 4: Add a citation and the source URL.

The multiple choice answer is B.