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Week 6 Lessons – Creative Lessons
As educators, you know what your students need and how to differentiate to meet those needs. From videos to presentations, whatever the lesson content Google tools can help. In the following course lessons, we encourage you to bring in new ways of delivering learning content.

1: Think Beyond the Textbook
2: Create Engaging Presentations with Slides
3: Find High Quality Educational Content on YouTube

Total Time: 45 minutes

Advanced Examples
Now that you’re familiar with how Google tools can help increase creativity in the classroom, check out these more advanced use-cases to expand your learning even further.

Advanced Examples (optional):
1. Use Slides for interactive games like Jeopardy – instructions here
2. Choose your own adventure example using Google Slides – instructions here
3. Utilise to find a relevant video to bring into your lessons

Certification Exam Prep
Sample Drag and Drop Question
Mr Iyengar needs to explain to his students which Google applications are most suitable for certain tasks, as some of his students just use the apps with which they are most familiar. Match the task with the best tool.

Task Tool
A: Data analysis and organization for research projects 1: Classroom
B: Assignment creation, distribution, and completion 2: Sheets
C: Creating images, charts, and mindmaps 3: Slides
D: Online research for an essay 4: Drawings
E: Creating a group presentation 5: Search

Sample Scenario Question
Some of your students have told you they’ve received emails about being selected to win major cash prizes.You decide to teach them about the risks they face and safety measures they can take when they’re online.

Task 1: Open the slide presentation titled “Internet Safety Tips” and add 3 bullet points of tips for internet safety.
Task 2: Search YouTube for a video on the Common Sense Education channel titled “Super Digital Citizen”.
Task 3: Embed this video into slide 4 of your slide presentation.
Task 4: Add a citation and the source URL.

The drag and drop answers are A:2, B:1, C:4, D:5, E:3.