Early Years Computing

The computing curriculum and our scheme of work do not officially cover Early Years, however, technology, and young children's understanding of technology will play a vital role in their early development and their success with computing in the future. The following articles and resources offer really useful guidance on what computing should look like in Early Years, in order to provide a strong foundation for those children when they begin Key Stage one. 

The Computational Thinkers - Early years

An adapted version of the CAS Barefoot 'The Computational Thinkers' poster, for EarlyYears.  So much of computational thinking is right at home in Early Years! Produced by The CAS Barefoot Computing project. You can find all their fantastic resources here: www.barefootcomputing.org

Computational Thinking in Early Years, an overview

An excellent guide to accompany 'The Computational Thinkers' poster from CAS Barefoot. The document explains what computational thinking is, how it fits into early years, suggests example activities and maps everything to existing Early Years areas of learning.

CAS Barefoot Early Years resources

Computing at School (CAS) have now extended their excellent Barefoot 'unplugged' computing resources to cover two sessions for Early Years classrooms.

Laying the foundations for computing in the early years

A super article from Miles Berry discussing why we perhaps should not rush to try and teach computing as a subject in Early Years, but instead embrace the learning that provides a foundation for computational thinking.

Early Years and Computing

An article from Neil Rickus via CAS discussing the many opportunities for young children to use technology to solve problems and produce creative outcomes.

Exploring machines we control

Take a look at the final lessons of our Year 1 unit - Keeping Safe and Exploring Technology. Many of the devices listed in lessons 5 and 6 are perfectly suitable for Early Years as well where children can begin to explore how they work.

Introducing ICT

An article from teachearlyyears.com where Rachel Ager explains how technology can best be introduced to the children in your setting.

ICT in Early Years - How to make online learning fun

An article from teachearlyyears.com where Jude Harries presents some ideas to blow away any screen time blues with these fun online and ICT activities for EYFS.